Working with a psychologist is most effective when the individual and/or family partners with me, so that collaboratively we set goals and agree what steps to take in order to achieve these mutually set goals.  I seek to empower you (and your child/family) to make healthy choices for your emotional, physical, social, and behavioral well-being.  I share evidenced-based strategies and principles (research supported) in an empathic and practical manner to help improve functioning and to alleviate frustration and distress. A fundamental aspect of change is to try-out, practice, and ultimately put into place, new strategies and behaviors that are more adaptive and functional. If things don’t work out in the first attempt, we work together determining what may have thwarted the effort so that adjustments can be made to help the attempt be more successful. Keeping in mind, that if too lofty of goals are set, progress can be slowed, leading to discouragement, rather than celebrating success and positive reinforcement.  I view each client as being their own “CEO,” and using me as a consultant with certain expertise that can be beneficial to helping him/her achieve their goals and optimal functioning.  Likely, there will be a variety of people, carefully selected, as part of their team to help them attain their goals.   I value each person and family that I work with, and treat them with dignity, respect, fairness, and honesty.  If I do not believe that I have the expertise, skills, or just am not a “good match” (or if you question this) in working with you or your family member, I will do my best to give you my thoughts on who might be better suited.

I have worked with children, teenagers, families, and adults since completing my master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1986.  My practice primarily focused on work with children, adolescents, and families.  I worked for 4 years in community mental health and 3 ½ years at a child guidance center, while I completed my doctoral studies in clinical psychology at Spalding University.  Since 1995, I worked with clients in private practice to foster healthy and balanced living.  My training and work experiences have been diverse and have taught me a variety of skills and approaches to effectively understand, adapt, and deal with the complexities of human behavior.  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (commonly referred to as CBT), Family Therapy, Collaborative Problem-Solving, and aspects of psychodynamic therapies are ones that I draw upon the most as I integrate aspects from these models to formulate the core issues, set goals, and develop strategies of intervention.

I am exclusively in-network with Humana Insurance Company, with all other insurance companies I am outside the network. My office manager will submit HCFA forms to help them reimburse you so that you can access out-of-network benefits (if that is within your policy) to see me.

Please note – I do not participate in the following Humana plans: KY Medicaid or Medicare